Commercial Scaffolding

We use Layher Scaffolding – versatile, efficient and safe. We have hundreds of tonnes of scaffolding which means we can service any size job.
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Residential Scaffolding

We are well equipped to manage any residential and domestic scaffolding, access and working at height requirements and our residential clients regularly comment on our efficiency and professionalism in getting the job done.
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Our in house propping designer will work with your estimator and construction teams to design propping suited to your job.
Our propping system integrates with our scaffolding to provide a seamless solution.
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We specialise in providing large free spanning structures for weather protection and containment.
Weatherproofing can take months off your construction programme and protect interiors during building renovation.
Containment of asbestos, debris or other harmful material is another key benefit.
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Stages, sets, towers, large marquees, public access stairs – let us know what you need for your next event.
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We partner with Formshore to supply propping and formwork

  • Formwork – modern, safe, lightweight and easy to use
  • Crane-independent where practicable
  • Heavy-duty where needed
  • Partnered with Meva of Germany
  • Propping towers and panel props for concrete construction
  • Formwork accessories including tiebar, form oil, wingnuts
  • Full design and engineering services provided

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Mobile Scaffolds

We deliver, erect and hire mobile aluminum towers.
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